Hurry Hurry - Life 

(CD 2010, 73.01, Substantial Brothers)

The tracks:
  1- A Million Stars/The Virgin Planet(4:55)
  2- The Black Pool(4:15)
  3- From The Murk/DNA/First Life(4:03)
  4- Invertebrate(3:28)
  5- Chaos Beneath The Waves(4:25)
  6- The Fish That Walked(4:48)
  7- Amphibian(5:01)
  8- Legion – The Swarming Hordes(5:05)
  9- Thunder Lizards(3:36)
10- Fur(4:48)
11- Wings To Fly(5:18)
12- Catastrophe/A New Beginning(3:27)
13- Down From The Trees(5:09)
14- Taking Apes(4:08)
15- Giants Of The Ice(3:57)
16- Homo Sapiens(6:37)

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The brothers Rob and Wayne Hurry are two film composers hailing from Australia. Just for fun and in between composing film scores, they started to work on their first album Life. They both write and arrange music, but Rob Hurry plays the guitar as well. On their debut album they worked with Marilyn Thomas, who lent her voice for ‘Mother Earth’ linking the sixteen pieces together in a continuous flow. The recordings took some three years from start to finish. Life is a concept album about the origin of life on our planet. It’s a journey from the desolate lifeless planet through the amazing milestones of life right through the ascent and dominance of mankind.

While listening to Life several times, I have to conclude that the musical ideas of Hurry Hurry are quite impressive. Right from the beginning you can hear they’ve carefully thought about the making of this CD with such a difficult theme. I couldn’t find any weak spots among the sixteen tracks; they all have something unique and special. Sometimes you hear classical instrumental symphonic rock in the vein of Gandalf or Vangelis, but in other songs you can enjoy modern beats and up-tempo music of a band like Era and other related bands. It was a smart idea to use just one female story teller, who explains the theme of each song in just a few phrases. Another fine aspect is the way they used many soundscapes to connect the individual tracks. A fine example is the rain and space sounds between Catastrophe and A New Beginning. After the dramatic ending of Homo Sapiens, the final and in my opinion the best track, I gave the CD another spin and after that another one... I kept discovering new aspects in the sixteen tracks.    

My advice: play this CD in a room where the lights have been dimmed. Close your eyes and try to imagine the development of our earth. If you like Gandalf, Vangelis, Kitaro, Tangerine Dream and all that kind of instrumental electronic prog music, you will enjoy this one. I think this project is one of the best symphonic instrumental albums I heard in recent years. 

 **** Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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