Highproject -
Beyond The Veil, People Stand Silent. Trusted And In Their Prime?

(CD 2023, 45:18, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- 1000 People(8:46)
  2- Trust In Me(9:36)
  3- Prime Time(6:16)
  4- Rhayader Goes To Town(5:42)
  5- Silent Treatment(6:56)
  6- Veil(7:48)

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Highproject is a five-piece Swedish formation that started in 2010, not until 2021 the band recorded its first effort, released in 2023, entitled Beyond The Veil, People Stand Silent. Trusted And In Their Prime? This first effort was recorded by Anders Altzarfeldt (Hammond Organ, Keyboards), Stefan Andersson (Bass), Bjarne Forsbom (Guitar), Mikael Grönroos (Drums, Percussion) and Robert Johansson Lind (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion). Furthermore on this album Lovisa "Loa" Pingani is featured with background vocals.

On this first album Highproject delivers six tastefully arranged and varied songs (including a good version of Rhayader Goes To Town by Camel), the music alternates between Neo-prog and melodic rock. Most compositions contain nice musical ideas and twist and turns. Like a break featuring fat synthesizer drops and propulsive guitar play, along a pleasant Hammond organ sound and then sensitive electric guitar in 1000 People. Orchestral keyboards and wonderful strings in Trust In Me. An exciting instrumental break with propulsive conga beats, a wah-wah drenched guitar solo and a flashy synthesizer solo in Prime Time. A spacey intro with Pink Floyd kind of guitar parts, a swirling Hammond and a sumptuous final part in Silent Treatment. And finally the epic Veil that contains strong work on guitar and Hammond (hints from Deep Purple) and a break with electric piano, a moving guitar solo with again swirling Hammond. The vocals are in English, with an accent but inspired and slightly theatrical, like a powerful rock singer.

To me this band sounds promising, with lots of good musical ideas, but you have to be up to the slightly theatrical vocals.

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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