High Spy - Human Geometry

(CD 2023, 39:37, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Fade(7:28)
  2- Second Chance(4:46)
  3- Delayed Reaction(7:28)
  4- Endgame(4:50)
  5- Watching(4:17)
  6- Circles & Squares(10:48)

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Human Geometry is the sixth studio album made by the neo progressive rock outfit High Spy. A band founded in 2006 and based in the Midlands region of England. In the past Background Magazine reviewed three of their albums. The two studio albums Ignition (2013, see review) and The Code (2019, see review) plus their latest live album 14 Original Timeless Classics - Live (2016, see review).

From the line up who made their predecessor The Code, only founding member and keyboard player Mark Price and drummer Tony Hall are still present on Human Geometry. New in the band are bassist Dave Lythgoe, lead singer Jeff Henson and guitarist Rich Pointon.

Together they recorded six tunes which most of all can be labelled as neo progressive rock on which the keyboards of Price dominate the sound of the band. He is mostly responsible for this style of progressive rock with his Mark Kelly (Marillion) kind of playing. Therefore it isn't that strange that most of the songs move into the direction of early Marillion. Most of all the first two tracks Fade and Second Chance. But also the final and longest piece Circles & Squares. Which is for me the absolute highlight of the album because of the strong instrumental parts. Strangely enough the song Delayed Reaction reminded me of the Irish band Horslips. But also the masters of space rock Hawkwind came to mind while listening to Endgame. And in a way the German progressive rock band Eloy came to the surface when I played Watching. A track on which you can hear an excellent guitar solo by Pointon. Maybe the album with a total time of almost forty minutes is a bit too short. But I rather prefer a short album with only strong composition rather than an album which is too long and has too many fillers. Which is the case on Human Geometry. Because no unnecessary long-winded compositions are present on this release!

All in all a fine album if you are into neo progressive rock. And again a strong album made by this British progressive rock act which should get a little bit more attention if you ask me. Because they certainly deserve it.

**** Henri Strik (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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