Henderson/Oken -
Dream Theory In The IE

(CD 2011; 76:19; Firepool Records FR003)

The tracks:
  1- Alive Enough?(8:10)
  2- Forgotten Spirits(8:03)
  3- Deeper Waters(6:47)
  4- Dream Theory In The IE(8:36)
  5- Zombi Attack(7:09)
  6- When All The Birds Die Away(12:25)
  7- John Henry Changes The Rules(24:54)

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Mike Henderson and Chuck Oken Jr. are two of the original band members of Djam Karet, the famous instrumental progressive rock group from the USA. Both are multi-instrumentalists playing all kinds of guitars, synthesizers and percussion. Together they gave three concerts in December 2011 in The IE, collecting over six hours of instrumental music. After editing this CD, 76 minutes remain, consisting of seven long tracks. The music is somewhere in the electronic music scene, with improvisations. Opener Alive Enough? sounds like Robert Fripp practicing his Frippertronics with the California Guitar Trio whose guitars are missing some strings. Other tracks have some vague world music tendency and then we shift into a relaxing mood, which is ruptured by industrial shredding. All in all this is a CD for the true instrumental experimentor, as regular prog listeners will find Dream Theory In The IE a boring affair.

*André de Waal (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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