Headless - Growing Apart

(CD 2013, Lion Music LMC338)

The tracks:
  1- God Of Sorrow And Grief
  2- Primetime
  3- Nero Fantasies
  4- Calf Love
  5- The Backstabbers Around Us
  6- Be Myself
  7- Growing Apart
  8- Sink Deep In A Fairy Tale
  9- No Happy Ending
10- As Tears Go By
11- God Of Sorrow And Grief

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After thirteen years of silence guitar players Walter Cianciusi and Dario Parente return with a new album called Growing Apart. Furthermore their band Headless consist of singer Goran Edman (Karmakanic, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-John Norum band) and drummer Scott Rockenfield (ex-Queensrӱche). The ten new songs on this album all belong to the hard rock genre; the guitars of Parente and Cianciusi dominate the sound. The weirdest song and title on Growing Apart is probably Calf Love, which kind of reminds me of The BeatlesNo Happy Ending sounds a bit like Queensrӱche and The Backstabbers Around Us, which is again a rather strange song title, is a sort of AOR song. In my opinion the title track is the highlight of the album; it's a good rock song with decent melodies and a great vocal performance of Edman. The song you have to skip is As Tears Go By, a cover from The Rolling Stones. Summarizing I would say that Growing Apart is a rather mediocre rock album.

**+ Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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