Dr. Hasbeen - Signs

(CD 2008, 138:22, Black Widow BWRCD 104-2)

The tracks:
  1- Signs(8:21)12- Never Forget(3:02)
  2- The Seers Song(6:21)13- Countdown(10:04)
  3- The Time Watcher(5:11)14- Golden Void(4:11)
  4- Why Syb(4:10)15- Silver Machine(4:31)
  5- Looking Glass(6:48)16- World Of Dreams(11:28)
  6- Why Syb(4:06)17- Apollo 13(7:24)
  7- Psi Power(4:14)18- Return To The Afterlife(3:17)
  8- Heaven Awaits(4:12)19- Suicide Machine(7:18)
  9- Death Metal Head(5:26)20- Sonic Attack(4:46)
10- Lifers(7:16)21- Hippy Trip(6:58)
11- Waves Of Aliens(7:19)22- Master Of The Universe(6:47)

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Dr. Hasbeen is a five piece from England. Their latest effort is a 2CD package that consists of a studio album and a live album. The band is a representative of space rock music. They probably think they can compete with the ultimate space rockers of all times Hawkwind. Well, in my opinion they are wrong, because the musical quality of Dr. Hasbeen is quite mediocre. They do not even sound like Hawkwind. In a way, the music is spacy and psychedelic, there are lots of sound scapes and weird spoken lyrics, but it is so boring... Worst of all, the band covered the classic Hawkwind track Silver Machine and this really is a shame! It is obvious that Signs goes back to the seventies. Therefore, you really need a fat doobie in order to listen for more than two hours of Dr. Hasbeen music!

* Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)
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