Hamadryad - Intrusion

(CD 2010, 1:01:48, Unicorn Digital UNCR 5071)

The tracks:
  1- Funk-A-Trunk(8:55)
  2- Pray To My God(11:15)
  3- Lap Of Love(6:34)
  4- Sentenced(6:12)
  5- Here And Now(6:52)
  6- In My Country(5:30)
  7- Torture Zone(5:37)
  8- Lost(5:11)
  9- He Was Recalling Memories But You Know I Didn't Believe A Single Word Because, No Matter How Much Emphasis He Was Putting In It ... Still Smelled Like Bull Sh*t†(a.k.a Liar)(5:33)

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Intrusion is the fourth album of the Canadian cult group Hamadryad and Iím afraid it will not help the band to throw off that status. On its website, the band proudly proclaims that not one CD is alike and indeed that is true. Previous release Live In France 2006 was more fusion-like, if I remember correctly, while Intrusion is almost straightforward rock, but with some weird angles as we are used from a band like Hamadryad. I have listened to this CD a couple of times, but Iím afraid that I suffer the same fate with this release as with the previous one: afterwards I canít remember one single tune. Not that the music is badly played in any sense, but the compositions are just not memorable. So I will file Intrusion in the cult section, together with the previous releases.

*+ Andrť de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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