Haken - L-1VE

(2018, 1:54:26, Inside Out Music)

The tracks:
  1- Affinity.exe/Initiate(6:00)
  2- In Memoriam(4:42)
  3- 1985(9:21)
  4- Red Giant(6:31)
  5- Aqua medley(22:26)
  6- As Death Embraces(3:50)
  7- Atlas Stone(7:12)
  8- Cockroach King(8:17)
  9- The Architect(15:55)
10- The Endless Knot(6:34)
11- Visions(23:34)

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Affinity (see review), Haken's last album, released in 2016, was a superb album and now we are treated to a magical live album of this prog metal band.

From Affinity you can enjoy five songs of which The Architect and The Endless Knot are the absolute gems on this live recording. All the songs on this album were recorded (and filmed) in the Melkweg in Amsterdam on April 13th 2017, which was actually Haken's final gig of their 10th anniversary tour. L - 1VE is also Haken's first live album and it is a real pleasure to listen to the eleven tracks featured on this album. Another musical highlight on this album is the Aqua Medley, as this twenty-two minute prog metal “monster” features six out of the seven songs from Haken's full length debut album called Aquarius (see review), which was released in 2010. The other epic song on this album is Visions, clocking over twenty-three minutes and this one is a showcase for all the individual members of this incredible band. My personal favourites are: The Endless Knot, listen to Griffiths guitar solo on this one and be amazed, and Cockroach King, a song which is always on Hakens set list and if you hear it on this live album you will understand why.

L-1VE is a must for Haken fans, but also for lovers of magical prog metal as this album is one of the best live recordings of this year; play it loud and enjoy!!

****+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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