Group 309 - Dreams Of Sea

(CD 2010, 59:11, MALS 362)

The tracks:
  1- Dreams of sea (prologue)
  2- The overture
  3- Ray of light
  4- Clouds
  5- A scarlet sail
  6- What are you waiting for
  7- There is no place for a dream ...
  8- Five years later
  9- And stars are falling into the sea
10- A girl was praying in the old church
11- This belief in miracles is naïve (epilogue)

MALS Records

This record of Group 309 starts off completely on the wrong foot. As the prologue sounds like the new album of Eros Ramazotti, I wanted to turn it off directly and put on another, much better album. However, as I'm getting older I'm also getting a bit slower, so I didn't reach the stop button on time before the second song started ... and then I came to a dead stop in my tracks. No, not because I found out Group 309 is not Italian but Russian - shows you my knowledge of languages by the way! - but because of the instrumental violence with which the musicians compensate for the shitty opening. This is pure heavy jazz prog! And that's basically the story of this CD: the vocal parts are moderate, not only because they are in Russian as is all the text in the booklet - which is not very smart if you want an international career - but because they remind me too much of those awful Italian pop singers. However, the music is top-notch and very enjoyable. Although often in the mainstream symphonic style, there are enough raw edges to it, especially when the guitar goes wild, which raises Dreams Of Sea above mediocrity.

*** André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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