Grobschnitt - 2008 Live 2010

(CD 2010, 73:31/ 61:03, Sireena 2077)

The tracks:
CD-1: 2008 Live
  1- Powerplay Finale(4:05)
  2- Film Im Kopf(8:16)
  3- Medley(4:11)
  4- Könige Der Welt(9:12)
  5- Sonnentanz 2008(42:40)
  6- Another Journey(4:42)
CD-2: 2010 Live
  1- Behind(2:42)
  2- Before(5:39)
  3- Ernie´s Reise(12:15)
  4- Severity Town(10:05)
  5- Anywhere(4:11)
  6- Stoney Dance(1:44)
  7- Rockpommel´s Land(21:26)
  8- Beyond(3:02)

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In 2010 I reviewed 2010 Live (see review), the latest album by German outfit Grobschnitt. This is a fantastic souvenir for people who witnessed their special Rockpommel's Land performances of the current line-up consisting of old band members as Willi Wildschwein (lead vocals, guitar), Toni Moff Mollo (vocals) and Milla Kapolke (bass, vocals). The recordings of these concerts took place in 2009, but these were not the first concerts recorded by the newly formed band. Previously the band privately released Live 2008. These recordings were made during their come-back tour named the Next Party-tour. However, a record company released a thousand pieces on vinyl as well. It seemed that people who fancied the band in the seventies and eighties were eager to get this release. Soon it became a best-seller that was sold out in an instant, but the requests for this album persisted, so Grobschnitt arranged a second edition with a different cover. The music on this second edition is the same as on the first one including the bonus track Another Journey that became the first single of the current line-up.

However, many Grobschnitt-fans and many devotees of progressive rock didn't know that this fantastic band reunited. Therefore, it was a wise decision of the record company to release these two CD's as a double album in a digipack design. Without hesitation I dare to say that 2008 Live 2010 is a jewel for all Grobschnitt-fans who don't have one of the above-mentioned live recordings. The first disc features Live 2008 and includes primarily all songs sung in German and with German song titles. It starts with Powerplay Finale, the end of the well-known piece Powerplay. Film Im Kopf, taken from the Fantasten- album (1987), is a wonderful up-tempo song. Next track Medley is a sort of acoustic piece with parts taken from several German songs. Könige Der Welt sounds in many respects like Biko from Peter Gabriel, but with a bit more variety. The final live track dominates the first disc. It's a 42-minute long version of Sonnentanz which is another new version of the old classic track Solar Music. In this extensive piece of music some individual musicians get a solo spot. Milla Kapolke performs a bass solo and Admiral Top Sahne demonstrates his talents on the drums. The electric guitars and keyboards also get enough room to perform a number of solos which sometimes gives the music a space rock sound. But above all this piece shows that the current line-up consists of only professional musicians just as good as the line-up that made several albums in the past. The first disc ends with the single Another Journey. It's a cheerful acoustic tune including hints from the band's past in the lyrics.

The second disc contains Live 2010. It doesn't differ from the first release that was already reviewed on this website. People who want to know why I gave this album - dedicated to the bands masterpiece Rockpommel's Land - the highest possible rating of five stars should read this review. That leaves only my judgment for Live 2008. On this album the band sounds very strong as well, as I already said in this review. However, it doesn't get the full five stars, but it came pretty close which means that 2008 Live 2010 is an excellent live release by Grobschnitt!

CD 1 ****+ / CD 2 ***** Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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