Greylyng - I Keep Silence...

(CD 2011, 56:58, Divine & figure)

The tracks:
  1- Gaslight Eyes(2:12)
  2- Viburnum(7:24)
  3- Memories Of plastic Sunshine(5:56)
  4- The Sleep Projector(7:24)
  5- Showdown Of The Concord Sphere(9:29)
  6- Between Scylla And charybois(8:15)
  7- Static/Murmur/Battle(7:02)
  8- You And Your Bleeding Heart(9:16)

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Greylyng was formed back in 2002 and always consisted of Jeff Cedrone (guitars, keyboards) and John C.Miller (synthesizers). Their debut album called Oiwa was released in 2006 and received mixed reviews. A year later, the notorious duo was extended into a trio by drummer Stephen Zieminski and they recorded their follow up album over a couple of years. I Keep Silence... is an instrumental concept album influenced by symphonic rock, space rock, fusion and progressive electronic rock. I must admit after listening to the album several times that it is a bit too weird even for me... The music is moody, very experimental, dark, arty, dissonant and at some points very tiresome and even boring. Sometimes I had the feeling (listen to Memories Of Plastic Sunshine) that I was listening to the soundtrack of a movie.

But most of the time I had a rather unpleasant feeling as the music-especially in songs like Viburnum or Showdown Of The Concord Sphere-was too freaky and weird for me. The compositions sound very chaotic and I never could get used to the changing of melodies and tempos in all of the songs. I Keep Silence... sits in a sound world unto itself!

** Martien Koolen (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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