Goad - Landor

(2CD 2018, 50:51/ 53:16 , Black Widow Records ‎ BWRDIST 677-2)

The tracks:
CD1: (Landor)
  1- Written On The First Leaf Of My Album(1:50)
  2- On Music(5:06)
  3- To One Grave(3:00)
  4- Bolero(2:42)
  5- Goodbye, Adieu(3:56)
  6- Life's Best(6:07)
  7- Where Are Sights(11:53)
  8- Decline Of Life(4:49)
  9- An Old Philosopher(2:37)
10- The Rocks Of Life(1:44)
11- Defiance(4:56)
12- Brevities(0:47)
13- Evocation(1:15)
CD2: (Tribute To Edgar Allan Poe,
         Live at 'Parterre', Florence, July 95)
  1- I'll Celebrate You / Fairy Land /
         Dream Within A Dream
  2- The Sleeper(5:32)
  3- The One In Paradise(6:04)
  4- Dream Land(7:02)
  5- Alone / The Haunted Palace / The City In The Sea(13:29)
  6- I'll Celebrate You / Alone (The End)(4:25)

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Concept albums are well known in the Prog world. With their 8th album Goad delivers one here too. It's the first time I've heard Goad. I'll be honest, I don't have any references to their previous material. Despite of their more than 40 years of existence! The album has all ingredients in it for a concept. I hear musicians doing their best to make it a feast for your ears. Partially they succeed. I'll be blunt. The singer distracts me from the music, in a negative way. I can't get used to his voice. He's not really singing out of tune, but he sounds like an old man trying to get the best bits out of his worn out voice. Not my cup of tea.

The music however it straight forward prog. With various tempo changes, Mellotrons, guitar solos and some flutes and saxes. Just as it should be. Nice sounding prog as was made in the seventies and eighties. Not exceptional but solid and has a fair balance.

References? This one strongly reminds me of Castanarc's first together with the voice of Sieges Even's first album. Maybe it'll ring a bell. Can't say more about it.

CD 2 is a live version of their second ('94) album Tribute To Edgar Allen Poe. I like the stories of this legendary writer. I have to admit, I read very few books, but his are on my short list. And musically, if there would be any reference to this poet it would be Alan Parson's first album Tales Of Mystery And Imagination. But alas, I can assure you, the only thing that matches is the inspiration by Mr. Poe. Is it bad? No, not entirely. I can say vocalist Maurillio Rossi sounded a little better 23 years ago. And accompanied by the lovely Diana Crepaz it sometimes sounds even nice.
The music is the same as mentioned above. You can even call it neo prog. Accompanied by some violins it's quite listenable, and I must admit they give a good performance live.

*+ Erik van Os (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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