Gleemen -
Dove Vanno Le Stelle Quando Viene Giorno?

(CD 2023, 56:01, Black Widow BWR CD2512)

The tracks:
  1- Tomorrow Never Knows(4:38)
  2- Le Tue Dita Al Buio(5:22)
  3- La Mia Chitarra(2:40)
  4- What I Want To Say(4:23)
  5- Within You, Without You(6:46)
  6- Sulla Collina(6:15)
  7- Intolerance(6:04)
  8- Diario Di Un Dromedario(6:25)
  9- Dove Vanno Le Stelle?(4:52)
Bonus Tracks:
10- Ragazze Di Giorno, Ragazze Di Sera(4:52)
11- Facili Illusioni(3:44)

Black Widow Records

Gleemen are one of those legendary bands from Italy in the late 60's and early 70's.
They were at the time a four piece band from Genoa headed by guitarist extraordinaire and Jimi Hendrix afficionado Pier NicolÚ "Bambi" Fossati. A rendition of The Beatles cover Lady Madonna put them on the map in the late 60's and their eponymous album was released in 1970. The band stopped using this name when their music became more progressive rock influenced. However the same line-up of musicians were in the band when they changed their name to Garybaldi. Strangely enough in 2013they released Oltre... Lontano, Lontano (see review) again as Gleemen. After more than forty years of absence. On this album only their keyboardist is missing from the original line-up. An album which I reviewed myself at the time it came out. I wrote that this album may not be everybody's cup of tea because half of it contains very bluesy songs while others have a more retro rock feel. After this release it was again a long time of silence before any signs of life could be noticed again. Now ten years later a successor of this second album was released. More than fifty years after their debut. However on Dove Vanno Le Stelle Quando Viene Giorno? (Where Do the Stars Go When Day Comes?) you can no longer hear guitarist Pier NicolÚ "Bambi" Fossati anymore. He died 7 June 2014 in Genoa, one year after the bands second album was released.

On Dove Vanno Le Stelle Quando Viene Giorno? founding member Maurizio Cassinelli is behind the drums. Mauro Culotta and Giampaolo Casu who both played on the bands second effort are still on guitars. The band is complemented by Alessandro Paolini on bass and Marco Zoccheddu on guitar and keyboards.

The album opens with Tomorrow Never Knows. A song by the English rock band the Beatles, written primarily by the late John Lennon. It was released in August 1966 as the final track on Revolver. This cover is very strongly done if I may say so. Next up is Le Tue Dita Al Buio and has great guitar parts. The next two tracks La Mia Chitarra and What I Want to Say are rather mediocre. The latest title has some Beatles influences and includes a nice guitar solo. Next up another Beatles cover. Namely Within You, Without You. The song is originally taken from their 1967 album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and written by the late George Harrison. Again a rather strong Beatles cover with an excellent guitar solo by Mauro Culotta. The follow up tune Sulla Collina is a nice ballad performed mainly on the acoustic guitar with a nice solo on the electric guitar as well. Next up track Intolerance is again more up tempo with great guitar parts. It is followd by Diario Di Un Dromedario. A mixed song with mellow and heavy guitar parts. Nice organ and electric guitar parts are here also included. Next up Dove Vanno Le Stelle? Is a short instrumental and the most progressive rock tune on the album. It has excellent synthesizer parts by bassist Alessandro Paolini. The album ends with two bonus tracks. First Ragazze Di Giorno, Ragazze Di Sera, which is a short mediocre Beatles kind of composition. The second bonus track is titled Facili Illusioni and is a rather mellow piece of music with some nice organ sounds.

Finally I'll have to mention the album cover. You have to know that the first two albums released by this band had the same kind of cover artwork. And also this third album moves into the same kind of direction concerning the art work. So well done!

Welcome back Gleemen, because the legendary band from Genova return with an excellent new album. Dove Vanno Le Stelle Quando Viene Giorno? is a psychedelic prog journey through a world of fables and dreams. Dedicated to the late Bambi Fossati. Most of all recommended to all Beatles, Garybaldi and Hendrix lovers. The band is still very much alive in the new millennium after starting in the sixties. Bravo!!!

***+ Henri Strik (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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