Gingerpig -
The Ways Of The Gingerpig

(CD 2011, 44:44, Suburban records)

The tracks:
  1- Indefinite Muddle Of Conspiracies(5:46)
  2- Pipedream(3:53)
  3- March Of The Gingerpig(3:02)
  4- Dimlighted Heart(9:44)
  5- Digging With Bare Hands(6:55)
  6- Undefined Call(4:28)
  7- Joe Cool (The Fool)(5:21)
  8- Blind To Reason(5:35)

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Gingerpig is a new Dutch band formed around guitar player/singer Boudewijn Boonakker, who you might know from the trash metal band Gorefest. Luckily the music of Gingerpig has nothing to do with metal or trash metal as the songs on this album are a blend of blues, blues rock, funk, soul and straightforward in your face hard rock. The music of Gingerpig has its origins in the sixties and seventies and the vocal parts feature characteristics of Chris Cornell, Focus and sometimes even Kansas. The Hammond organ has a strong role on this album and clearly gives the music of Gingerpig that seventies feeling with references to bands like Deep Purple and Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

The album was played and recorded completely live in the studio and the strong fundamental rock basis is made by bass player Sytse Roelevink and drummer Maarten Poirters. The album contains only eight tracks but almost every single one is a beauty and completely different from the other. Pipedream is a rather heavy blues song while Blind To Reason is a straightforward hard rock song. The instrumental rock song March Of The Gingerpig is one of my favourites, but the best song on the album is Dimlighted Heart, which clocks in at over nine minutes and features an amazing guitar solo. There is something for everybody on this brilliant debut album as Gingerpig never bores its listeners for there is an extremely good balance between ballads and rock songs.

Check these guys out as I am convinced that we will hear a lot more from Gingerpig.

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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