Gavin Harrison & 05RIC -

(CD 2010, 42:48, Kscope)

The tracks:
  1- Circles(4:32)
  2- Source(5:51)
  3- Last Call(3:35)
  4- Crisis(3:45)
  5- Faith(5:05)
  6- Scar(4:03)
  7- Break(4:57)
  8- Beyond The 'A'(4:01)
  9- Eye(3:38)
10- Goodbye(3:21)

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Circles is the second album of Porcupine Tree-drummer Gavin Harrison assisted by singer and bass guitar player 05RIC. This project is the result of an occasional meeting of the two guys which led to one of the most complex musical collaborations in years. This album picks up where their debut album Drop left off. It's very experimental, jazzy and funky music which really isn't suitable for ordinary rock ears. Just listen to the rather obscure and dark songs Last Call or Break. Throughout the entire album I hear influences from Greg Bisonette, King's X, The Jelly Jam and even some trade marks of Galactic Cowboys. For people who like their music complex and experimental this album is highly recommended since it is really superb stuff played by great musicians. For me, being into progressive rock, it's just too experimental and too obscure, although most of the tracks sound really cool and relaxed. Nevertheless, I miss the guitar solos, but for people who are into bass and drum sounds this album is a true gem. Try it out for yourself and maybe you will embrace Circles. Listening tip: Faith.

**+ Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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