Galaad - Frat3r

(CD 2019, 46:13, CD Suisa)

The tracks:
  1- La Machine(5:19)
  2- Moloch(2:33)
  3- Kim(5:40)
  4- Stone(9:10)
  5- Justice(4:09)
  6- Merci [puR](5:23)
  7- Encore!(8:10)
  8- Frater(5:49)

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This Swiss band Galaad was founded in 1998. They released the albums Premier Février in 1992 and Vae Victis in 1996. One year later they disbanded, but reformed in 2016. And now, anno 2019, Galaad has released its third effort entitled Frat3r, with the original line-up from the Nineties, as a five-piece formation.

As a huge fan of French vocals (from Ange to Versailles) I am very pleased with singer Pierre-Yves Theurillat and his contributions. He adds an extra dimension to the music. Like a desperate undertone in the opener La Machine (wonderfully blended with moving guitar work), emotional eruptions in Kim (varied love song) and very inspired and compelling in the epic Stone (dynamic and strong work on guitar and keyboards) and title track (exciting sound of Hammond organ and Mini Moog synthesizer.

In most of the eight compositions Galaad are flirting with Neo-prog, emphasized by the Steve Rothery sounding guitar (along strong hints from David Gilmour). The climates alternate between dreamy, catchy beats and bombastic outbursts, flowing and melodic, and also very tastefully arranged. This album contains one instrumental, the track Moloch featuring bombastic moments, beautiful piano arpeggios and a long, very moving guitar solo, with howling runs, goose bumps.

If you are up to French vocals and strong Neo-prog hints, this is an album to discover.

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Dave Smith)

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