Gabriel - New Life

(CD 2020, 58:05, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Free As A Bird(7:18)
  2- Karmatic(7:19)
  3- Angel's Call(8:15)
  4- New Life(9:09)
  5- Awakening(1:26)
  6- Shining Spark(6:42)
  7- Free As A Bird Extended(17:56)

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Former Bad Dreams lead singer Gabriel Agudo comes from Argentina. He is also a singer/guitar player who participated in projects with Steve Rothery and In Continuum Band, two years ago he decided to start a solo career, resulting in this first solo album entitled New Life. The music and the lyrics of his album are inspired by the resilience and the capacity to survive the deepest wounds in order to make a real transformation that really could change life. He teamed up with his classically trained friend René Bosc (guitars, bass and percussion) and a wide range of guest musicians, like guitarist Steve Rothery (Marillion), keyboard player Clive Nolan (Pendragon and Arena), drummer Jan Vincent Velazco (Pendragon) and Helene Collerette (first violin of Radio France Symphony Orchestra). According to Gabriel Agudo “this trip has only one destination: to touch people`s hearts and ignite a spark of peace in their souls.”

On this first solo effort Gabriel Agudo delivers 7 varied, melodic and tasteful compositions in which his pleasant voice with strong emotional undertones is meandering very flowingly. Only the short track Awakening is instrumental (wonderful play on the Steinway grand piano by Heiner Scob).

Soaring keyboards, melancholy violin work and tender vocals in the warm and mellow piece Free As A bird.

From dreamy twanging - to heavy guitar, and from a pitch bend driven Minimoog solo to sparkling grand piano, topped with emotional vocals in the dynamic Karmatic.

Lots of fluent shifting moods with beautiful work on guitar and keyboards, again topped with emotional vocals in Angel's Call.

From a tight beat with heavy guitar, flashy Minimoog flights and swirling violin play to dreamy with mellow vocals and sensitive guitar in the title track.

Frist dreamy with twanging acoustic guitar and warm vocals, then gradually the sound turns into a slow rhythm with subtle work on keyboards and guitar, and romantic vocals in Shining Spark.

And finally the epic composition Free As A Bird Extended (close to 18 minutes). It starts mellow with sensitive electric guitar, then blended with soaring keyboards and warm vocals. Halfway moving violin runs and delicate grand piano work join, what wonderful and intense music this is. Next sensitive electric guitar runs and emotional vocals in a slow rhythm, featuring swirling violin and moving guitar runs. Finally emotional vocals join, with fading violin runs, again Gabriel Agudo has succeeded in his mission “to touch people`s hearts and ignite a spark of peace in their souls.” Simply wonderful!

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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