Fuzzy Nautilus - Antenna

(CD EP 2014, 20:45, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Nocturne(4:41)
  2- I Lost My Keys Somewhere Along the Milky Way(6:32)
  3- What's Going On?(9:30)

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Fuzzy Nautilus are a five-piece from South East London consisting of Tom Cundall (guitars), Scott James (drums, vocals), John Keates (bass), Samuele Matteucci (vocals, keyboards) and Martin Pozo (guitars). They have been active since 2013 and they call themselves a progressive-psychedelic-alternative rock band. Right from the start they started to write and arrange new songs. Soon after these songs were completed they were rehearsing the material for live shows. The next step was recording these compositions; this happened in June 2014 and they used three of these recordings for their debut EP Antenna.

Fortunately I got a copy of this EP to review. After listening to these songs I concluded that it's too bad they only recorded twenty minutes of music for their debut. This is just too short for a band with so much potential. Of course it's better to have an album out with little music than no album at all! Let's go a bit deeper into these three tracks on Antenna. The first track Nocturne could be described as a prog rock version of Ashes To Ashes by David Bowie. No more and no less! I would describe the second song − with the rather weird title I Lost My Keys Somewhere Along The Milky Way − as 'The Beatles meet King Crimson'  with Adrian Belew playing the guitar.

The third, final and longest track is What's Going On? It contains the most progressive rock influences, which make it my favourite song. It starts with Gentle Giant-like harmony vocals and beautiful Mellotron strings. Moreover, great guitar and synthesizer solos can be enjoyed as well. The music reminded me of bands like Spock's Beard, Neal Morse and again King Crimson.

I can't make any negative remark about Fuzzy Nautilus' debut Antenna except for the short length of time. Music wise everything sounds very professional and rather entertaining for lovers of progressive rock. So thumbs up for this new prog band! Hopefully their next album will last at least one hour or more. I'm quite certain that it will contain music that is not only enjoyed by me, but by other prog heads as well.

**** Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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