Fuzzy Duck - Fuzzy Duck

(CD 2012, 54:05, Esoteric Recordings ECLEC 2323)

The tracks:
  1- Time Will Be Your Doctor(5:08)
  2- Mrs. Prout(6:45)
  3- Just look Around You(4:21)
  4- Afternoon Out(4:56)
  5- More Than I Am(5:33)
  6- Country Boy(6:02)
  7- In Our Time(6:37)
  8- A Word From Big D(1:41)
Bonus Tracks:
  9- Double Time Woman(2:59)
10- Big Brass Band(2:59)
11- One More Hour(3:09)
12- No Name face(3:05)

Cherry Red Records

Fuzzy Duck were an English progressive rock group founded in London in 1970. The band consisted of Garth Watt Roy (guitar, vocals), Roy Sharland (organ), Mick Hawksworth (bass guitar) and Paul Francis (drums). They recorded their sole and eponymous debut album in 1971 which now has been re-released by Esoteric Recordings. This album became highly sought after and now it's on the market again including four bonus tracks and a nice booklet. The music on Fuzzy Duck is heavy organ-driven and as obvious influences I would mention Uriah Heep, Vanilla Fudge, Spencer Davis Group and Deep Purple. The music sounds old-fashioned and outdated. After listening to the first three songs I already knew how the fourth song was going to sound. In other words, the music of Fuzzy Duck is rather predictable and far from original. However, for fans of the aforementioned bands it could be a nice album to listen to.

** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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