Frost* - Day And Age

(CD 2021, 54:17, Inside Out)

The tracks:
  1- Day And Age(11:49)
  2- Terrestrial(5:13)
  3- Waiting For The Lie(4:31)
  4- The Boy Who Stood Still(7:33)
  5- Island Life(4:14)
  6- Skywards(4:13)
  7- Kill The Orchestra(9:27)
  8- Repeat To Fade(6:14)

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After a five-year hiatus the British progressive rock act Frost* returns with their 4th studio album Day And Age.

The first thing that you hear when listen to the opening track (the title song) is: “Sit back, relax and enjoy yourselves, you scum”; love it, some nice Monty Python -like British humour! Day And Age really is a soulful, “cynical” and very adventurous progressive rock album, featuring: John Mitchell (guitars, bass, vocals), Jem Godfrey (vocals, keys) and Nathan King (bass, keys). On this album you can also enjoy great drumming and percussion, made possible by three excellent drum guys, Kay Rodriguez (Chaka Khan), Darby Todd (The Darkness) and last but not least Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson). The song writing on this album is again top notch and the music is hard, mysterious, proggy, catchy at times and truly recommended; I would describe their sound as a mix/blend between Tool and Marillion, go figure!! After the epic opening track, follow up Terrestrial is a real complex heavy prog one where Mitchell steals the show with his awesome guitar work. The Boy Who Stood Still is the “weirdest” song here, dominated by the voice narration of Jason Isaacs from the Harry Potter movies; listen and form your own opinion about that one! Skywards is very cinematic and here Mastelotto really shines, awesome drumming indeed! Kill The Orchestra features all three Frost guys as singers and that one is dominated by the heavy riffs of Mitchell and his guitar does the job here; love it.

Day And Age is a remarkable album with lots of musical power, irony, humour and for me this album again shows/proves what a great guitar player John Mitchell actually is. Advice: a must have album for prog heads and play it LOUD....

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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