Frequency Drift -
Personal Effects, part 2

(CD 2010, 64:24, Cyclops, CYCL 176)

The tracks:
  1- 6.13 a.m. Message(2:24)
  2- 6.16 a.m. Deceit(11:41)
  3- 7.42 a.m. Conflict(6:55)
  4- 8.33 a.m. Inside(8:59)
  5- 11.41 a.m. Awakening(7:57)
  6- 11.51 a.m. Flight(5:41)
  7- 1.17 p.m. Put It Down(5:24)
  8- 2.33 p.m. Essence(6:42)
  9- 5.48 a.m. Lasting Effect(8:42)

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The German prog band Frequency Drift has released a follow-up to their Personal Effects, part 1- album, continuing Riverís story. The story, again told through the songs, is a complete entity on this album without needing to be familiar with the first part. What bothers me most about this release is the German accent the three female singers have! Furthermore, I think that the dominance of the vocal parts is too large, I really miss some nice musical passages, for instance keyboard or guitar solos. Only in Awakening, the best song of the album, you can enjoy a very melodic guitar solo. However, the rest of the album is utterly boring especially the last four songs almost bored me to death. Personal Effects, part 2 contains too many ballads that all sound alike and without any musical diversity. No, this certainly is not my cup of tea!

*+ Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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