Freedom To Glide - Fall

(CD 2016, 61:26, Ruby Storm Records)

The tracks:
  1- Case(1:56)
  2- Silent Code(7:20)
  3- Names In The Stone(4:54)
  4- Toll(3:02)
  5- Playing God(5:05)
  6- Exit Wound(5:39)
  7- Enigma(8:03)
  8- The Middle Game(7:46)
  9- Trough Of War(4:07)
10- Solace(1:05)
11- Sleep Under The Flag(3:15)
12- Another Same(3:33)
13- October(5:43)

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In 2013 The British act Freedom To Glide released with their debut Rain a true masterpiece.
It was the first part of the trilogy about World War One. At the time words could hardly describe what the duo Pete Riley (keyboards, piano, vocals, sampling, programming) and
Andy Nixon (lead guitar, acoustic guitars, vocals, bass, drum programming) achieved on this album. The way they explained the useless wars around the world throughout the last one hundred years in music, is something that couldn't have been done any better by anyone else. Therefore I compared it to The Wall (1979), Wish You Were Here (1975) and Dark Side Of The Moon(1973). All masterpieces released by Pink Floyd. A band which had been an influence to them without any doubt! Now lies before me Fall and it is the second part of the trilogy about the First World War. The question of course arises if they did manage to come up with another masterpiece! Could they once again grab me by the throat like they did with its predecessor!

The cover is again housed in a great design with an human eye on the cover which sheds a tear. Every picture tells a story and true also for this release. The story of the this horrible war and the many lives which were taken continues. The first words in the booklet are from the Greek historian Herodotus, and tells us no one is so foolish to prefer war to peace instead of sons burying their fathers, fathers bury their sons! Which once again describes this meaningless war. Of course this story cannot be told with happy tunes and therefore melancholy and sadness reign here once again. Many times the songs are rather mellow with occasionally some musical eruptions, which makes sure enough variety is available. Creative keyboard player Peter Riley comes up with many atmospheric parts on which Andy Nixon can shine all the way by playing amazing melodic guitar solos. Guitar solos which can be heard throughout the entire album. The album is just loaded with them. Many times done as if they were played by David Gilmour. Above that, Andy´s deep and pleasant singing voice tells us in a very strong way what happens. As for the compositions I can only be complementary because they are just like on their debut ,of a very high calibre. Going through all of the 13 tracks is not something I am going to do. But as said before the music itself is quiet and disciplined, especially in songs like Silent Code and The Middle Game. Outbreaks are rare. A piece like Exit Wound is varied between loud and quiet, rocky and spherical. Also October has a rough edge. But it is certain that one of the highlights of the album consists of the heartbreaking ballad Enigma, beautifully built with the rise, magnified by the sensitive guitar of Andy Nixon, will not leave the listener indifferent. But in general you could say that one thing is certain, the spirit of Pink Floyd can be heard many times. Although I wouldn't speak of plagiarism because they do their own thing all the way!

You could say Freedom To Glide maintains the legacy of Pink Floyd while managing to bring in their own musical style. A perfect combination. And yes, they did it again. Their music got me by the throat a second time on a full length album. Once more words can hardly describe what the duo have achieved on this album. Therefore a true masterpiece can be welcomed again! The second in a row. Let's hope their third one in this trilogy can be of the same high level as I did hear on Rain and Fall. But I certainly believe Pete and Andy won't let me down! On to the next five stars score! Highly recommended to all the Pink Floyd fans out there!

***** Henri Strik (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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