Fovea Hex -
The Salt Garden II

(10/2CD 2017, 20:21/ 20:21/ 21:32, Headphone Dust ‎- HDFH1027, Die Stadt ‎- DS118, Headphone Dust ‎- HDFHCD28, Die Stadt ‎- DS118A, Headphone Dust ‎- HDFHCD29, Die Stadt ‎- DS118B)

The tracks:
The 10
  1- A. You Were There(4:40)
  2- A. Chained(5:19)
  3- B. All Those Signs(5:54)
  4- B. Piano Fields 1(4:26)
  1- You Were There(4:40)
  2- Chained(5:19)
  3- All Those Signs(5:54)
  4- Piano Fields 1(4:26)
  1- We Dream All The Dark Away(21:32)

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Another beautiful package (limited with a remix CD by Abul Mogard) is the second in the announced trilogy that will be released on Steven Wilson's private label Headphone Dust.
The main CD/10 continues in the same fashion as the first part. The serene sound of singer Clodagh Simonds leads you into a serene minimalistic folky atmosphere. If you ask if it's more of the same compared to the first release? You are right. Sure it sounds the same, but it gives you more. More beauty, more serenity. The last track Piano Fields is instrumental and the title says it all.
Worth to mention is that Brian Eno joined in with the musicians.
On the additional CD there is a mix done by Abul Mogard. This expert in ambient soundscaping from Serbia has the honor to create a mix for this band. We Dream All The Dark Away takes you in to sound landscapes that are stretched out over 21 minutes of (sometimes dark) dreamy sounds and vocals.
A nice follow up to Part 1. Some may find it boring. But I beg to differ. This is music to be enjoyed with your eyes closed and let you wander into the infinite space that it'll create in your imagination.

**** Erik van Os (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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