Force Of Progress -
A Secret Place

(CD 2020, 52:17, Progressive Promotion PPRCD049)

The tracks:
  1- The Hand Sculpted Heart(6:33)
  2- The Perfect Element(8:45)
  3- New Reality(5:43)
  4- Circus Maximus(11:40)
  5- A Secret Place(6:20)
  6- The Three Steps To The Precipice(5:59)
  7- Aggressor(7:43)

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Force Of Progress is a German prog metal band consisting of Chris Grundmann alias Cynity (Key, Git), Dominik Wimmer alias Sweety Chicky Jam (Git, Dr), Hanspeter Hess alias The healing Road (Key, Dr) and Markus Roth alias Marquette, Horizontal Ascension (Key, Git). In 2017 they released their debut Calculated Risk (see review).

Their second album called A Secret Place is an instrumental one featuring seven songs with only some sampled text passages. The music of Force Of Progress is a blend of heavy metal, prog metal, jazz fusion and prog rock as this album is packed with diverse melodic heavy power guitar riffing and dominating keyboards. In fact the music of these German heavy proggers makes me think of Dream Theater, Mike Oldfield, but also reminds me of the notorious two albums of The Liquid Tension Experiment, featuring: Levin, Petrucci, Portnoy and Rudess. The opening song The Hand Sculpted Heart offers some real head banging riffs and opens this album in a very heavy way. Absolute highlight of this instrumental monster album is the track Circus Maximus, which clocks over 11 minutes and this one is very complex and diverse and makes you yearn for more!

All in all a great album if you like instrumental power albums. Try it and you will not be disappointed!!!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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