Flying Circus -
Flying Circus

(CD 2021, 79:44, Fast Ball FB20C3116)

The tracks:
  1- The World Is Mine(8:35)
  2- Dystopia(3:39)
  3- Fire(5:20)
  4- Seasons(6:51)
  5- Bedevere's Wake(6:12)
  6- Cut It Deep(3:24)
  7- Derry(1:59)
  8- Follow The Empress(5:16)
  9- Carpe Noctem(4:56)
10- Living A Lie(4:05)
11- The Hopes We Had(6:46)
12- Voices In The Rain(5:14)
13- Pride Of Creation(4:44)
14- The Edge Of The World(7:05)
15- The Jewel City(5:27)

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Flying Circus is a German band combining hard rock, classic rock and progressive rock and this quintet, consisting of Michael Dorp (vocals), Michael Rick (guitars), Roger Weitz (bass guitar), Rüdiger Blömer (keys and violin) and Ande Roderigo (drums), now recently released a best of album simply titled Flying Circus.

Flying Circus contains fifteen songs form the band's history which has already lasted for more than thirty years! Eight tracks on this compilation have been re-recorded, another four songs have been remixed and Dystopia was especially written for this compilation album. Flying Circus musical influences range from Led Zeppelin to Pink Floyd, from Rainbow to Saga and from Uriah Heep to Rush... Their music has elements from melancholy seventies hard rock, progressive rock, blues, folk, kraut rock and even jazz, which makes the music of Flying Circus rather chaotic and not easy to listen to, actually! So, in a song like The Edge Of The World it feels/sounds like Led Zeppelin meets progressive rock, while a track like The Hopes We Had has some obvious Floyd influences. Dystopia, the only “new” song on this album is rather weird, with an almost a capella intro and some King Crimson musical characteristics, this one is really hard to digest.... But then again it is a typical Flying Circus song and if you like this one then the rest of the album will also be a treat to your ears, but in fact it is not my musical cup of tea! To me, the music is too chaotic and too diverse and furthermore I have trouble with the extremely mediocre vocal performance of mister Dorp.

I am afraid that this album is only a must for Flying Circus fans and adepts.

** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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