Flaud Logic - Flaud Logic

(CD 2013, 46:17, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Secret Engine(8:17)
  2- Say Goodbye(9:44)
  3- Shanna(4:27)
  4- One year I: Prologue(2:49)
  5- One year II: A Meeting(2:03)
  6- One year III: I Got Her(6:13)
  7- One year IV: Stronger Than Words(5:02)
  8- One year V: Arrival(0:50)
  9- One year VI: Truth of Heart(2:53)
10- One year VII: Reflections/Grande Finale(3:55)

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Flaud Logic is the first album of a solo project of the same name by Michael Kaplan, a New York-based composer, producer and musician. On this album he's supported by highly talented musicians like guitarist Michael Romeo (Symphony X), drummer Joe Bergamini (4 Front) and Frank Wyatt of the legendary seventies progressive rock group Happy The Man.

Together they create a mixture of blues, post rock, classic rock, jazz, space rock and many other elements of musical styles. The album is dominated by synthesizers and guitars and contains great compositions in the vein of Pink Floyd, Dream Theater and Marillion, but also acts like Pat Metheny, Santana and even the kind of music The Beach Boys recorded can be heard. It's obvious that Michael Kaplan isn't tied to any particular type of music and the way he combines all the aforementioned musical elements speaks in his favour.

Flaud Logic is a fine debut album filled with interesting ideas and indeed with great musicians involved, although I miss a certain kind of coherency in the songs. It seems as if Kaplan is trying to show that he's able to play many styles by putting all the influences of the artists he likes into his music. For that reason the album makes a somewhat messy impression. However, it was perceptibly made with dedication and lots of fun. The joy of making music together has been captured well during the recording sessions. That alone makes this album a collector's item.

**** Gert Bruins (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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