Fernando Perdomo -
Out To Sea 3 - The Storm

(CD 2020, 40:59, Forward Motion Records FMR031)

The tracks:
  1- Out To Sea 3 Theme(02:45)
  2- Wonder(04:38)
  3- Cycles(03:30)
  4- The Storm(05:38)
  5- The Great Known(04:09)
  6- Frenzy(03:32)
  7- Tambourines of Malmo(04:10)
  8- The U.F.O. Club(02:49)
  9- Doom Is Often Loud(03:29)
10- The Crab(02:58)
11- Dawn(03:13)

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Out Of The Sea 3, is the completion of the instrumental progressive rock trilogy Fernando Perdomo started in 2018 with, you might have guessed it; Out To Sea (see review). This time the album got the sub tittle of The Storm. After hearing his first effort, I was quite pleased with the result as an almost pure solo album. The successor Out To Sea 2 I regretfully missed, but it saw a number of guest musicians. This third chapter brings us back to the pure solo album. Only his girlfriend Cyndi Trissel participated on the opening and final track. Due to the new studio, where this album was recorded Fernando was able to create as big and defining a sound as before. As on the previous albums, Paul Whitehead painted the cover image, he is the artist who created the covers of the albums; Trespass, Nursery Cryme, and Foxtrot by Genesis.

Already from the openings theme, you get a fine pronounced sound that takes you back to the early years of progressive rock music. Elements from a band like Focus are clearly noticeable, but also hunches of Frank Zappa pass by. The track Wonder is a fine combination of those two influences. But also the semi acoustic The Storm shows a great refinement in subtle complexity. Even soft touches of seventies fusion can be heard, especially during The Great Known, where Jeff Beck and the aforementioned Focus fuse in wonderful musical harmony. Sometimes Fernando takes the song into heavier regions, like during Frenzy, other times he plays it mellow and funky, like in The U.F.O. Club. Although the album is guitar orientated, Fernando Perdomo always plays in favour of the composition, whether it is a progressive rock track or a wah wah driven one like The Crab, the composition is what counts. Nevertheless, Fernando is a gifted musician, whose ideas have perfectly come together on this album, which shows a lot of variation in moods and feel.

Even more of a surprise than the first album of the trilogy when I listened to the final part of the chapter. I really look forward to more of these special treats from this very gifted musician. Perhaps the trilogy can be extended to a whole series of albums.

**** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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