Fatal Fusion -
The Ancient Tale

(CD 2013, 57:38, Karisma Records KAR 077)

The tracks:
  1- City Of Zerych(18:04)
  2- Halls Of Amenti(9:00)
  3- The Divine Comedy(14:13)
  4- Tears I've Cried(8:47)
  5- The Ancient Tale(17:34)

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The progressive rock band Fatal Fusion hail from Oslo, Norway. They started in 2008 after emerging from the ashes of several unknown bands. In 2010 they recorded a self-produced private release called Land Of The Sun (see review), which received good reviews and positive feedback. Currently they consist of Audun Engebretsen (drums), Erlend Engebretsen (keyboards), Knut Erik Grøntvedt (vocals), Lasse Lie (bass) and Stig Selnes (guitars). In 2013 Fatal Fusion recorded their second album The Ancient Tale, the first one for Karisma Records.

If you like vintage instruments like Moog synthesizers, Mellotron, Hammond organ and a kind of Ritchie Blackmore sounding guitars, this album certainly is your thing. Fatal Fusion deliver one hour of fantastic classical prog rock, drenched in metal, space rock, blues, jazz and psychedelia. They blend the old sounds of Genesis, Camel, Deep Purple, Rainbow and King Crimson with modern-day prog sounds of bands like Spock's Beard and Dream Theater. By doing so, they still succeed in sounding like Fatal Fusion.

The five long pieces on The Ancient Tale kept my attention all the way. Although the production is rather good, I personally would have turned down the loudness of both the synths and the guitars a little in favour of the drums and the bass guitar, but that's perhaps a matter of personal taste. I especially like the vocals of Grøntvedt. With his clear and remarkable voice he gives Fatal Fusion a unique identity. If you ever wondered whether Randy Newman's voice would fit into prog rock or not, than the answer is yes. The Ancient Tale is the perfect Christmas gift of 2013 for any 'old school' progressive rock devotee.

**** Gert Bruins (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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