Fatal Destiny - Palindromia

(CD 2016, 36:20, Andromeda relix AND 44-2016 )

The tracks:
  1- Palindromia(1:50)
  2- Beyond Dreams(6:30)
  3- Leave Me Here(5:53)
  4- The Gate Of Time(4:32)
  5- Feel Alone(5:10)
  6- Dear Amy(5:20)
  7- Human Factory(5:32)
  8- No Devil Lived On(1:30)

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Nowadays progressive metal is a highly regarded style of music and because it is quite popular, new bands try to gain popularity in our favourite genre. This results in many new releases, some more impressive than others but always nice to listen to, and discover new talents. Andromeda Relix is supporting various styles of metal since 1999 and this label recently released two nice progressive albums, one will be reviewed soon and this one, Fatal Destiny's Palindromia, the one that takes its turn in my PC as we speak/write. Fatal Destiny sees it roots in Italy, where drummer Nicoḷ Dalla Valentina and vocalist Andrea Zamboni united their musical aspirations. The duo swiftly expanded to a trio when bass player Filippo Zamboni joined and after several line-up changes guitar player Riccardo Castelletti became the perfect person to round up the final roster.

Palindromia is a solid progressive rock album, that sees the additional keyboards played by one of Italy's finest players; Alessandro Bertoni, who's album Keystone (2013, see review) was highly acclaimed. Bertoni's parts were recorded at Derek Sherinian's Beachwood Manor studios by the way. The album holds eight compositions, from which the opening track; Palindromia and the final tune No Devil Lived On are no more than short musical soundscapes that are used to set a certain atmosphere. What is left are six songs on an album that barely passes the thirty-five minutes mark. Not the length of progressive rock albums we are used to since the Compact Disc age started. But still, I rather listen to six solid progressive rock songs than a one hundred and forty minutes long album that just keeps on going, without making a point. So, Fatal Destiny leaves us with an above average album, vocalist Andrea has a great voice; a minor Italian accent that only enhances the positive feeling the album leaves me with. His voice is set in the higher regions with sometimes nice high pitched screams, always nicely in tune and absolutely pleasant to listen to. The rhythm section is solid, with subtle double bass drums and furious chops. Personally I think Riccardo's fine combination of riffs and soloing, listen to the final part of Feel Alone is brilliant and the addition of Bertoni's keyboards and piano make sure the balance in the compositions is there. Long instrumental passages show how guitar and keyboards work really well together on Palindonia and the diversity in the compositions, definitely make me watch out for a successor for this solid progressive metal album from Italy.

As a conclusion, I found out I was listening to a quite solid album, absolutely above the average ones. On one side I think it's a shame the album only lasts for thirty five minutes, but then again it leaves me eager to find out what the next step for Fatal Destiny will be. Especially how the band will evolve with a steady keyboard player, for I don't think Bertoni will be part of the live line-up of the band.

**** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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