Falling Edge - FE3

(CD 2018, 60:11, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Where Should We Go From Here?(1:40)
  2- Experience/Innocence(8:44)
  3- Seventeen(5:32)
  4- I Will Not Comply(10:49)
  5- Gone(11:22)
  6- What Will You Do When You Find Me?(10:08)
  7- Moments Of Truth(10:30)
  8- Where Should We Go From Here? (Reprise)(1:26)

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Probably most people who read the reviews on our website have never heard of Falling Edge, even though we have already published two CD reviews of them. This Canadian outfit rather impressed me with the band's eponymous debut album (2013, see review). Their follow up release Convergence At Fossil Falls (2015, see review) was certainly a good release as well, even if our reviewer didn't really like the lead vocals done by band leader Chris Rupert (acoustic & electric guitars, bass, keyboards, lead vocals). I guess you can't please everybody! Towards the end of 2018 the band came up with a successor, simply titled FE3. Due to unforeseen circumstances we unfortunately couldn't publish a review any earlier.

FE3 of course stands for Falling Edge album number three! An album which was mainly written and recorded by the earlier mentioned Rupert. Only drummer Rob Kovar helped him out to complete the album. Strangely enough you can't hardly hear that the album is a one-person labour of love. FE3 sounds just like a band effort, just like they did on the earlier two album releases. This is of course a big complement to Chris and his band mate Rob on drums. There are eight compositions on this release. All are well crafted progressive rock tunes in one way or another. Great solo spots on guitar and keyboards without any doubt. But also,in the acoustic department there is a lot to enjoy. Take for example the second track Experience/Innocence. Here you can enjoy excellent playing on the acoustic guitar. Another good example is the intro on What Will You Do When You Find Me?. Heavy guitar parts are also available. Just listen to the fine instrumental Seventeen, and you will know what I mean! But also, the follow up tune I Will Not Comply has rather heavy guitar parts next to some fine melodic keyboard and guitar parts. Here it is as if you can hear a female guest vocalist, but it isn't. Its again our friend Chris Rupert providing all the vocals. More heavy guitars can be heard on the next piece, titled Gone. But overall the song is more accessible for lovers of progressive rock. Something which you can say without any doubt about Moments Of Truth as well. For me personally this is the musical highlight on the album. Here the orchestral keyboard intro sounds amazing and brings the musical style of the first album release to the fore front. Something which I missed a little bit on the entire album. But I guess Chris Rupert probably tried to give the band even more a style of their own instead of sounding like Genesis, Pink Floyd or Camel. Finally I'll have to mentioned that the album is sandwiched by the composition Where Should We Go From Here?. Meaning the opening and ending tune sounds (almost) the same and in between the album displays all of its fine music.

Giving a judgement to FE3 isn't that easy. Even more if you compare the album to the band's debut. Which was for me music wise a more melodic sounding progressive rock album. Because it contained compositions which moved more into the musical direction of bands such as Genesis, Pink Floyd or Camel. This time Rupert choose to give the music a more heavy approach without leaving the progressive rock path. Therefore, this release is still enjoyable but needs to be heard more often I guess! So thumbs up for this musical effort!

***+ Henri Strik (edited by Dave Smith)

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