Peter Fairclough & Hayley Youell -

(CD 2009; 1:01:56; Peter Fairclough Music Ltd pfcd 0901)

The tracks:
  1- Quicker Than Sand(9:11)
  2- Overload(6:45)
  3- Those Birds(4:57)
  4- Trippin'(4:23)
  5- One Beat Stair(3:54)
  6- Ev`ry Day(4:46)
  7- Cryptic(2:16)
  8- Don't(3:03)
  9- Shed(3:24)
10- After Dark(3:40)
11- 20:39(4:25)
12- Little Steps(11:18)

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There’s basically only one time in the day that you can listen to Momentarily and track 10 gives it away. The first time, I played this CD in broad daylight and that just didn’t work. The reason why can be heard excellently on the opening track Quicker Than Sand. The sensual voice of singer Hayley Youell sounds like the female equivalent of David Sylvian which means that the curtains have to be drawn to make your listening environment as snug as possible. And then, after two thirds of the track Youell stops singing and Dave Bainbridge - best know as the guitarist of Iona - goes positively berserk on his piano as a Dave Brubeck on steroids! This is pure late night jazz going of the rails. Drummer Peter Fairclough succeeds in making a sparkling kind of jazz accompanied by excellent musicians: bass-player Fred Thelonius Baker - of In Cahoots fame - and the aforementioned Bainbridge. This music is best enjoyed with a good glass of wine near the fireplace while you whirl about with your loved one in your arms.

Daytime: ** Night time: **** André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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