For Absent Friends - Square One

(CD 2006, 45:14, Musea Records FGBG 4681.AR)

The tracks:
1- Hello World(5:03 )
2- Stick Around(4:52 )
3- Call It Chance(4:13 )
4- Square One(4:35 )
5- Wonder(8:37 )
6- Berlin Wall(5:29 )
7- Us(4:09 )
8- Falling Asleep(2:22 )
9- Billy(5:49 )

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For Absent Friends - Square One

A certain progressive rock magazine in the Netherlands decided to give the Dutch Prog Award of 2006 to the latest release of For Absent Friends. Maybe some people did not approve this decision but one thing is certain. The band made with Squire One an album which sounds a lot better as their last album The Big Room. This was certainly not a weak album but it was maybe a bit too mainstream. The band returned to their roots. Back to Square One. The songs sound this time very professional and have a lot of room for solo's. Guitarist Edwin Roes and keyboard player Ron Moser show that they are very talented musicians who can give the music much more colour. The music moves this time more into the direction of neo prog and has a lot of passion. Responsable for the passion in the music is lead singer Hans van Lint. He sings with a lot of emotions in his voice and I wonder if he had tears in his eyes during the recordings of those vocals tracks. Also the lyrics that he sings have this time a real message. A good example is Berlin Wall. The last couple of years the band became very popular in France. Most of all the fans of Ange could find some satisfaction in the music of FAF. The members even became friends with the band themselves and this resulted in a guest performance of their lead singer Christian Décamps on their song Billy. The song ends a strong album that certainly was one of the best albums of 2006 made by a band from the Netherlands. No doubt about that.

***+ Henri Strik

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