Exivious - Exivious

(CD 2009, 46:30, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Ripple Of A Tear(07:29)
  2- Time And Its Changes(04:38)
  3- Asurim(05:31)
  4- All That Surrounds pt1(03:38)
  5- Waves Of Thought(06:24)
  6- The Path(05:45)
  7- All That Surrounds pt2(03:39)
  8- Embrace The Unknown(04:44)
  9- An Elusive Need(04:37)

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The info sheet describes the musical style presented by Exivious as fusion metal. They call it a relatively new and unexplored genre in the world of metal. You might name it a blend between jazz, fusion and metal. This rather new band features members of the American prog band Cynic and Dutch metal heads Textures, a band we might consider as one of the best in their field. On the website, you can read that Exivious uses a jazz-fusion backbone and freaky metal riffs to decorate their organic eruption of free improvisations and complex rhythms.

When I heard their eponymous album for the first time, I was completely blown away by the excellent performances of all nine tracks. I just sat there, listening with my mouth open, just as I did when I discovered the music of Dream Theater and Allan Holdsworth. These two names are probably major influences for the guitar players in the band. Michel Nienhuis and Tymon must have been listening a lot to the skills of guitarists John Petrucci and Allan Holdsworth. The rhythm section, consisting of bass player Stef Broks and drummer Robin Zielhorst, can also be compared to Dream Theaterís John Myung and Mike Portnoy. The band lacks a keyboardist and a singer, but I missed neither the keyboards nor the human voice, because the music is rather adventurous and the guitars speak for themselves. Most of the tracks are up-tempo. Itís just a pity that only a few mellow tracks are recorded for this fine instrumental album. With all the up-tempo pieces, the music becomes after all a bit monotonous. At the end of the album, you get the idea of having it all heard before. Therefore, my advice would be to insert more mellow pieces on a next release.

Exivious is an independent release in order to preserve hundred percent creative freedom. That is why this album doesnít contain any commercial song. Anybody who enjoys the music of Allan Holdsworth and Dream Theater, but also fusion bands as Karcius and Spaced Out should check this one out. You have to hurry because this album appeared in a limited edition of a thousand numbered copies. Each single copy packed in its own unique artwork.

****- Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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