Exhibit A -
Make Mine A Lobster

(CD 2010, 49:12, Independent)

The tracks:
  1- Touch The Stars(4:21)
  2- Carousel(4:16)
  3- First To Last(5:24)
  4- A Far Cry(5:37)
  5- Rush Of Blood(6:00)
  6- Darker Sun(6:54)
  7- Wake Up To Reality(5:08)
  8- Missing Years(4:45)
  9- Scenario(6:32)

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Make Mine A Lobster is the third release of the British band Exhibit A and the first one since Out There (1994). The new album - with a title that sounds like a Monty Python-show - features nine new songs in the progressive pop rock genre in the vein of bands like Strangeways, Talk Talk, Pallas, Ark and Marillion. However, I'm not really impressed as all the songs sound too much alike and besides the songs are boring and absolutely not inventive. I would say this album only consists of prog, pop and rock clichés. There's too little compositional depth and the music of Exhibit A has aged embarrassingly. Just listen to mediocre tracks like Carousel or First To Last and you will catch my drift, or not... There's absolutely nothing new or surprising on this album. It's sad but true. Sorry guys, but this isn't my cup of tea. Maybe a better album next time?

*+ Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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