Evership - Evership

(CD 2016, 58:24, Atkinsong Productions)

The tracks:
  1- Silver Light(9:26)
  2- A Slow Descent Into Reality(12:39)
         - - I. Everyman
         - - II. A Slow Descent
         - - III. Wisdom Of The Ages
         - - IV. Honest With Me
         - - V. The Battle Within
         - - VI. Anyman
  3- Evermore(10:09)
         - - I. Eros
         - - II. Agape
  4- Ultima Thule(10:28)
  5- Flying Machine(13:44)
         - - I. Dreamcarriers
         - - II. Dream Sequence
         - - III. Lift
  6- Approach(1:58)

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Evership hail from Nashville and this is their first album. The band consists of just two people.
Shane Atkinson, a multi instrumentalist, composer and producer and Beau West, a singer.
The album has taken over eight years in fruition in which time Shane amassed over 100 hours of material, quit a successful job in software, moved house and built a studio and raised a family.
But was it all worth it.

Well yes it was actually. This is an album that will always promote Kanas / Boston similarities but it is much more than that. The style is bombastic in places yet moody and quiet in others and throughout the album you can hear that Shane has been listening to the first two Queen albums during those eight years because you can hear them all over this album. Beau has a great voice for this style of music and turns in some wonderful performances.

Although I would say that the album is more AOR than prog it is still a nice album that will appeal to a wide audience. Well worth a listen.

**** Dave Smith

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