Everdawn - Cleopatra

(CD 2021, 48:05, Sensory Records)

The tracks:
  1- Ghost Shadow Requiem(5:41)
  2- Stranded In Bangalore(3:25)
  3- Cleopatra(5:37)
  4- Your Majesty Sadness(4:54)
  5- Infinity Divine(4:03)
  6- Pariah's Revenge(4:22)
  7- Lucid Dream(4:02)
  8- Heart Of A Lion(4:18)
  9- Toledo 712 A.D.(2:25)
10- Rider Of The Storm(4:10)
11- The Last Eden(4:59)

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Founded in New Jersey in 2014 as Midnight Eternal, they changed their name into Everdawn, and this female fronted symphonic metal band now release their first Everdawn album called Cleopatra.

Bass player Mike Lepond (Symphony X) returned in 2019 and the Russian born Canadian vocalist Alina Gavrilenko also joined the band. Her soprano vocals really dominate this album, making Everdawn sound as Epica or Nightwish; however, the guitar also has a prominent role on Cleopatra, as guitarist Richard Fischer really leaves his mark in excellent tracks like Heart Of A Lion or the instrumental Toledo 712 A.D.
Cleopatra (is it a concept album or not?) opens with the more than excellent Ghost Shadow Requiem, a song that defines this album, being a true and pure symphonic metal track with crystal clear soprano vocals. But Everdawn also has other musical sides as Pariah's Revenge is a sheer power metal song, while Your Majesty Sadness features a rather emotional vocal duet between Gavrilenko and Therion singer Thomas Vikstrom. The instrumental Toledo 712 A.D. is a favourite of mine showing the musical capacities of this band in full force!

So, if you like pure symphonic metal with soprano vocals galore then Everdawn's Cleopatra is the right choice for you. Listening tips: Ghost Shadow Requiem and Stranded In Bangalore!!

***+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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