Even Flow - Mediterraneo

(CD 2022, 23:43, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Ocean Lies(5:12)
  2- Ray Of Light(4:50)
  3- Leaves(2:53)
  4- Revelation Day(3:00)
  5- Mediterraneo(7:32)

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Even Flow, which is a great song by Pearl Jam, by the way, started in the late nineties and hails from Sardinia Italy.

Mediterraneo, an EP containing five tracks, is their latest effort and the music featured here is an extraordinary, maybe weird, mix of influences from bands like Dream Theater, Muse, Evergrey, Symphony X, Labyrinth and Queen.... Marco Pastorino, who just released a wonderful album with Virtual Symmetry, takes care of the vocals here and he shines just as ever. However, the rest of the band, really struggles, as most of the songs have rather strange choruses, weird and uncomfortable shifts to distinctive styles and sometimes really too long and not very interesting guitar solos. Even Flow's music is also too far from originality and the piano driven ballad Leaves even tends to get on my nerves after a few spins.... The best track here is the powerful rock song Revelation Day, while the rest, especially the seven minutes long last track Mediterraneo, is nothing but a good effort, but composition-wise it is all too experimental and, sad but true, this does not work for Even Flow. Better luck next time?

**+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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