Evelin's Dust - K.

(CD 2019, 43:11, Giant Electric Pea GEPCD1063)

The tracks:
  1- A New Beginning(6:02)
  2- Fierce Fear Family(4:32)
  3- Hope(9:03)
  4- K.(3:38)
  5- Lost In A Lullaby(5:38)
  6- Faintly Falling(4:41)
  7- Rain Over Gentle Travellers(9:37)

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Website info. Eveline's Dust is an Italian four piece prog project that has been active since 2012 when the band published its first work, the EP entitled Time Changes. They dedicated the following years to an intense live calendar, while working on the composition of their concept album named The Painkeeper (see review), and published in 2016. This debut CD received an unexpected success, with great reviews from all over the world, including important magazines like Prog Magazine and Prog Magazine Italy. The band managed to take The Painkeeper live show all over the country, ending with a Germany tour in 2017. In the following months Eveline's Dust worked on the compositions of its new work, which they recorded in July 2018, the new concept album, K. In February 2019 the band signed a deal with the British prog label Giant Electric Pea that released the new album K in April 2019.

Evelin's Dust is new musical territory for me, during my first listening session I became more and more positive about their melodic and dynamic sound, between prog, jazzrock and melodic rock. I notice hints from Rush (Moving Pictures-era) and King Crimson (Red), but the band does a good job to present an own musical face. The English vocals sound pleasant, without a disturbing accent. The musicians are outstanding and deliver strong interplay and exciting solos on keyboards and guitar, in compositions that contain lots of dynamics and interesting musical ideas.

The opener New Beginning (6.02) alternates between dreamy and sumptuous outbursts featuring a sparkling synthesizer solo and a harder-edged guitar solo, in the realm of jazz rock. An exciting and dynamic start.

Fierce Fear Family (4:32) contains a swinging rhythm with strong interplay, echoes from Rush (interplay and guitar sound), and mellow work on the saxophone.

Hope (9:03) begins and ends with mellow with twanging acoustic guitar and dreamy vocals and saxophone. In between a fluent rhythm with sensational fat synthesizer flights, a strong rhythm-section and propulsive guitar riffs.

The title track (3:38) starts dreamy with twanging guitar and piano, then heavy and bombastic featuring strong interplay, what a dynamic and powerful sound. Then a slow rhythm and cynical vocals, turning into a bombastic eruption with biting guitar runs, propulsive rhythm-section and gradually thunderous drums, how exciting.

Lost In A Lullaby (5:38) is a varied track, first a swinging mid-tempo with fiery electric guitar, then slow rhythm with cynical vocals. Halfway a powerful jazz rock inspired guitar solo, again an atmosphere that evokes Rush and King Crimson (bombastic, dynamic), topped with a sensational super fat synthesizer solo and use of the pitch bend button, wow!

Faintly Falling (4:41) is a mellow piece featuring warm twanging guitar, dreamy piano and pleasant female vocals. Then a slow rhythm with a wailing cello sound and emotional female vocals, what a strong vocal performance. Finally, dreamy with guitar and that cello sound, simply beautiful.

The final composition Rain Over Gentle Travellers (9:37) shifts from dreamy with piano, guitar and vocals to a swinging rhythm with outstanding interplay, fat synthesizer runs and a fiery guitar solo (like a heavy Allan Holdsworth), very tasteful and dynamic music.

**** Erik Neuteboom (edited by Dave Smith)

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