Esa Kotilainen - Turquoise Planet

(CD 2009, 46.04, Presence Records Precd 018 EAN)

The tracks:
  1- Lasitunturi(3:35)
  2- Jääpuikko(5:29)
  3- Turkoosi Planeetta(8:28)
  4- Sumuinen Uni(4:27)
  5- Korpi(10:34)
  6- Ruska(6:36)
  7- Tundra(6:22)

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Turquoise Planet of Esa Kotilainen is my first Finnish album ever to review. I never heard of him before and I guess neither do many Background Magazine readers. Esa is a well-known keyboard wizard in his homeland for the last four decades. In the seventies, he participated in the Finnish bands Tasvallan Presidentti and the well-known Wigwam. After listening to this album several times, I concluded that I enjoyed it very much.

To date, Kotilainen made only one electronic solo album: Ajatuslapsi (1977). After 32 years, Turquoise Planet is his second effort. If you like ambient music, synthesizers and especially the sound of the Moog, then you should give this album at least one try. You can certainly hear influences of Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Gandalf and Michael Garrison, but Kotilainen manages to create his own special musical style. Just imagine a huge scenery, covered with snow and with vast and tranquil lakes like the ones they have in Finland, Sweden and Russia. Then take a bottle of wine, close the windows, sit down in an easy chair and listen to the beautiful sequences of this ambient magician. After 45 minutes, you will come out of your chair feeling completely relaxed. Esa Kotilainen created an applicable medicine against the daily stress of working. Thank you, Esa...

**** Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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