Enchant - The Great Divide

(CD 2014, 55:48, Inside Out)

The tracks:
  1- Circles(7:59)
  2- Within An Inch(7:34)
  3- The Great Divide(9:03)
  4- All Mixed Up(4:12)
  5- Transparent Man(6:19)
  6- Life In A Shadow(4:58)
  7- Deserve To Feel(8:01)
  8- Here And Now(7:31)

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Time can sometimes play tricks on us. So, when the facts state that it's been a decade since the last studio album from Enchant, 2003's Tug Of War, you could be forgiven the thought that fate, as mischievous and misleading as ever, has been messing with our memory. But it has indeed been a little over 10 years since Tug... . So, what on earth has kept the American prog rock masters off the scene for so long?

“Well, it's been a combination of circumstances,” shrugs guitarist/ vocalist Douglas A. Ott. “A couple of the guys got married and had kids, jobs etc... and before we knew it, we'd been away for a long time. Also, Ted Leonard (vocals/ guitar) was involved with Spock's Beard, Affector and Thought Chamber, and Bill Jenkins (keyboards) has toured with Sound Of Contact, so it's not as if we've had nothing to do with music.

While Ott is very much the principle songwriter and producer on the new album, there has been a greater emphasis this time on input from the other four members - Enchant also features the rhythm section of bassist Ed Platt and drummer Sean Flanegan. The result is a solid sounding album that often nods towards Rush or Yes and even Spock's Beard. But with Ted's involvement in that band, it would be a surprise if it did not. Circles is a great opening track that leads the way for the rest of the songs. There are plenty of heavy guitar riffs throughout the album but they merge nicely with the lush keyboard sounds and tight bass and drums. This is the sound of a band that has been away for a while and has a point to prove. The vocals and the harmonies are excellent and the guitar and keyboards weave in and out of each other to produce a clear but powerful sound.

This is a very enjoyable album. All the tracks are strong with no sign of any filler. Lets hope there is not a ten year wait before the next one.

**** Dave Smith

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