eMolecule - The Architect

(CD 2023, 67:10, Inside Out Music)

The tracks:
  1- eMolecule(10:43)
  2- The Architect(6:05)
  3- Prison Planet(4:58)
  4- Mastermind(8:39)
  5- Dosed(5:07)
  6- The Turn(5:56)
  7- Awaken(5:09)
  8- Beyond Belief(4:47)
  9- The Universal(6:03)
10- My You(5:27)
11- Moment Of Truth(6:56)

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eMolecule is a band (duo) consisting of Simon Collins (vocals, drums, keyboards, sound) - yes, the son of... - and Kelly Nordstrom (guitars, bass guitar, vocals, keys, sound) and they have been working together for nearly two decades; maybe one remembers the short-lived band called Sound Of Contact (with Dave Kerzner and Matt Dorsey) who released the majestic album Dimensionaut a decade ago.

The Architect is a rather adventurous, dark and experimental album; sometimes loud, heavy and mostly electronics all over the place, while it can also be called a 100% pure progressive rock album. The Architect is also a concept album featuring intense guitar shredding, excellent drum performances, awesome vocal parts as well as emotional and atmospheric orchestral arrangements. Furthermore you can hear and smell Genesis influences, especially from the eighties - remember the Duke album?- all over the album; just listen to the sparkling song Mastermind and you will catch my drift indeed. Especially the singing of Simon Collins resonates obviously with the air of the papa Collins-era Genesis. Furthermore, I hear influences from King Crimson, Devin Townsend, Ghost, Frost, Lonely Robot, Kino, Porcupine Tree, and Arena.

The opening title track is one of the best pieces of music here, as it is a complex and intriguing techno prog rock song, filled with extraordinary guitar parts, almost death metal vocals parts and of course awesome melodic and pounding drumming; this epic definitely sets the tone for the rest of this superb album. Awaken is a completely different song as it is a proggy ballad with lots of atmosphere and melody and if you listen carefully you can almost hear Phil Collins.....; check out the creative drumming on this track. Dosed and The Turn are techno-infused songs with lots of keyboards layers, intense vocals, but also with numerous explosive and intriguing rock characteristics; Steven Wilson eat your heart out! This wonderful album ends with Moment Of Truth, being a dark techno-metal track with some profoundly serious lyrics indeed.

Conclusion: The Architect is an awesome debut which gets better every time you listen to it; a prog rock/techno-metal/melodic prog rock roller coaster of the highest musical standards! A must have album indeed, well done guys!!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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