Emiliano Deferrari - Monty

(CD 2018, 42:18, Rattsburgrecords, RTSB12)

The tracks:
  1- Aria(1:16)
  2- Essere(5:02)
  3- Ecco(4:22)
  4- L'altroverso(5:00)
  5- Vuoto(6:02)
  6- Get It Right(5:04)
  7- White Life(5:02)
  8- Monty(3:50)
  9- Fuoco(6:40)

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Emiliano Deferrari is a man from Italy who has lived in Belgium since 2015. Monty is his third album and is mixed by Matteo Nahum. Emiliano plays all the instruments by himself, like piano and keys, fretless bass, drums, classical, acoustic and electric guitars, violins, pocket sax, voices and programming. I think the man is a real instrumentalist in that way.

His music then. Let me first tell you that you need to think out of the box. The style is not easy to describe, I hear a lot of improvisation in the music with now and then some jazzy elements. Every song is sung in Italian. The psychedelic period of Pink Floyd comes to mind in some songs, but not too often.

Vuoto for example opens with piano and drums. During the song you do note that Emiliano is searching, it is really restless. You hear a lot of variety so it does not sound as a whole. This song has really nice bass playing. In Get It Right the improvisation takes too long, but the programming is really original. The singing is a bit threatening, but well done.

After listening a lot of times to Emiliano's music I have to conclude that it did not stick with me. There is potential, but then Emiliano needs to write more with a head and a tail. But, like always with music, go and have a listen and judge for yourself.

*** Michel Stolk (edited by Dave Smith)

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