Electric Mud -
The Inner World Outside

(CD 2022, 48:52, Timezone TZ2288)

The tracks:
  1- Exploring The Great Wide Nothing(3:56)
  2- The Fear Within(7:20)
  3- Around The Mind In 80 Lies(7:13)
  4- Those Who Leave The World Behind(3:52)
  5- Guardians Of The Weather Machine(4:04)
  6- Silent Stranger Suite(10:06)
  7- SÚrotonine(5:14)
  8- Descent Into The Forsaken Valley(5:03)
  9- Moving On(2:04)

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In 2020 German band Electric Mud released a double album called Quiet Days On Earth (see review) and that one could count on raving reviews, and it was an international success indeed! Electric Mud started in 2011 as a blues and stoner rock band, however since 2018 the music evolved into cinematic prog art and The Inner World Outside is again a perfect example of this kind of music.

The new album features nine tracks and Nico Walser plays all the instruments, assisted by Timo Aspelmeier (piano, Hammond, and synthesizers), David Marlow (piano and orchestral programming), Hagen Bretschneider (music conceptions) and Judith Retzlik (violins, cellos, and voice). It really is cinematic music, very suitable for a movie and some tracks, like Exploring The Great Wide Nothing or Those Who Leave The World Behind are very tranquil and almost sound therapeutic. Around The Mind In 80 Lies (great title by the way...) is one of my favourites as it features a great melodic guitar solo. There is also a lot of variety as the changes between fast and slow passages are well chosen and performed top notch. Furthermore, this German band excels in varying classical, jazzy, rocky, proggy and funky musical elements in almost every song, take for example the longest song called Silent Stranger Suite!

So, check this album out, if you like cinematic prog rock then Electric Muds new album is certainly a treat for your ears, check it out it might be worth your while indeed!

***+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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