Electric Mud -
Quiet Days On Earth

(CD 2020, 79:04, Timezone TZ2004)

The tracks:
  1- Aurora Moon(7:03)
  2- Silhouettes Floating Down A Rain-slicked Street(5:17)
  3- Mer De Glace(2:05)
  4- Quiet Days On Earth(7:21)
  5- Wading Through The Waters Of Time(5:32)
  6- The Echoes Of Acheron(5:11)
  7- The Loneliness Of The Somnambulist(6:37)
  8- Durance(3:45)
  9- The Space Between The Shadows(6:00)
10- Adventures In A Liquid World(7:14)
11- The Blinding Absence Of Light(4:34)
12- Eyes Watching Skies(3:54)
13- Foggy Postcard From A Barren Land(5:58)
14- Into The Great Unknown(4:30)
15- Sleeping Under A Green Desert Tree(4:03)

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Quiet Days On Earth is Electric Mud's 4th album and after a few spins I can tell you that if you liked their previous albums then you really might enjoy this one as well. This new album contains almost 80 minutes (maybe a bit too long...) of instrumental Kraut art rock, mixed with post progressive rock elements, and also with classic prog rock characteristics. Quiet Days On Earth is a marvelous musical trip with lots of soundscapes and also cinematic elements. So, if you are a fan of guitar and bass guitar grooves, then Electric Mud is not really a band for you, as their music contains lots of keyboard carpets and lots of almost ambient musical elements. Unfortunately the use of a drum machine makes the sound of the album a bit too clinical, but there is still enough music to enjoy, as Electric Mud's music is very diverse indeed, even if it is a very long album. My personal favorites are Flying Postcard From A Barren Land (also a great title), The Space Between The Shadow and the title track. The latter, clocking over 7 minutes, reminds me of another amazing German band, namely Tangerine Dream. But this track also sounds great due to the Camel-like guitar passages!

Conclusion: Electric Mud's 4th album is really worth listening to, but you need a couple of spins to really appreciate what these two guys are doing, an excellent album to listen to with headphones!! Just one last thing, please Hagen and Nico, use a real drummer the next time!!

***+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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