Ego - Evoluzione Delle Forme

(CD 2010, 41:00, MaRacash Records MRC024)

The tracks:
  1- Expo'(4:19)
  2- Rivoluzione Estetica(6:04)
  3- Evoluzione Delle Forme(5:18)
  4- Contemplazione Dell'Opera(1:25)
  5- Meditatio Mortis(8:53)
  6- I misteri Di Milano(3:41)
  7- Stato Multiforme(11:17)

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Sometimes I wonder whether a record company wants to sell its artists music. Look at the new CD from Ego: we just get a disk, no CD-cover, no CD-booklet, no track listing and just the barest of information on one piece of paper. Ha, but this will not prevent us from evaluating Evoluzione Delle Forme, the debut (?) album by the Italian trio Ego (Pier Caramel: keyboards and flute; Daniele Mentasti: bass and trombone; Sergio Lannella: drums, percussion), as a very nice instrumental prog CD. The band claims to be influenced by a host of Italian seventies prog bands and of course Pink Floyd, but shining through most clearly is Goblin. Many of the tracks have that same cinematic feeling as Goblin's music has, only Ego often puts in more rock. In the songs where the flute has the upper hand, early seventies band Solution's (the great Dutch fusion band) influence comes through. All in all, Evoluzione Delle Forme is a very enjoyable discovery and the 41 minutes of this disc pass by way too quickly.

***+ André de Waal (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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