Eddie Mulder - Blind Hunter

(2 CD 2021, 53:12/ 48:27, Oskar Records1122)

The tracks:
CD 1: Blind Hunter
electric stuff:
  1- Going Out(4:04)
  2- A Different Brand(3:34)
  3- Change Of Seasons(4:16)
  4- Autumn(4:10)
  5- Melancholy(3:52)
  6- Like A Rock(4:55)
  7- Romance(4:04)
  8- The Calling At The Gate(4:39)
  9- Fransum Chapel(4:14)
10- Dreamscape(5:42)
11- Blind Hunter(8:47)
12- Coda(0:49)
CD 2: Fairplay
Bonus disc: acoustic guitar stuff
  1- Prologue
  2- Back In '85
  3- Playful
  4- Arcadia
  5- Reflections
  6- Senorita
  7- What Is It?
  8- Late At Night
  9- A Joke
10- Celts
11- Nobile
12- Hypnotic
13- Tribal
14- To The City
15- Majestic

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Blind Hunter is the seventh solo album by Dutch guitarist Eddie Mulder of Leap Day and Flamborough Head. This is really a tale of two CDs - the first being Blind Hunter (listed as “electric stuff”) and the second, a “Bonus” CD Fairplay (listed as “acoustic guitar stuff”) - two very different CDs, but both quite enjoyable.

The first CD is reminiscent, at times of Phil Manzanera, at other times Andrew Latimer and even some flashes of Jan Akkerman. The music moves from funk-jazz rhythms (Going Out) through mellow orchestrations (Like A Rock) through true prog rock (Fransum Chapel, featuring spoken word contributions by Galahad's Stu Nicholson). Tracks like Melancholy and Dreamscape prominently feature some brilliant acoustic guitar work with the latter featuring Margriet Boomsma of Flamborough Head on flute. My favourite track on the first CD is the title track, Blind Hunter, which takes us on a journey through several moods and styles while never straying far from the main theme.

The second CD is, as advertised, a complete set of acoustic guitar tracks. Fans of Steve Hackett's classical-influenced albums will find much to enjoy here. Mellow acoustic guitar stylings immaculately played and beautifully recorded. While much of this CD follows similar formulas and structures, Tribal stands out as Eddie stretches out into a different direction and serves up a very emotional performance.

Overall a very well recorded and produced collection featuring some top-notch performances. While not necessarily everyone's “cup of tea” this is a very good collection of guitar-based songs.

***+ David Carswell

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