Echoes Of Eon - Immensity

(CD 2013, 50:26, Radio Olsztyn)

The tracks:
  1- Delusion I
  2- Ganimedes
  3- Kallisto
  4- Io
  5- Europa
  6- Delusion II
  7- Tytan
  8- Rea
  9- Japet

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Echoes Of Eon are a Polish band founded about two years ago when guitarist Grzesiek Wieliczko met drummer Krzysiek. After some line-up changes guitarist Mateusz Narkiewicz and bass player Rafał Korecki joined the band. The last change was the replacement of drummer Krzysiek by Paweł Głębocki and this line-up recorded the band's first album called Immensity. The musical style of Echoes Of Eon is instrumental post rock with influences from space rock played with a lot of grooves.

Well, I can appreciate a good guitar sound in whatever style: from African blues to djent and from fifties jazz to power fusion. As long as it is played well and it sounds good I'll eat them all. When it comes to post rock, I always get impressed by the repeating, seemingly easy melodies and riffs and how they keep the listener's attention. Like any other genre the post rock scene holds a lot of bands with many differences in quality. The repeating melodies are the pleasant parts, but sometimes it all sounds too much alike and then it's hard to focus on the music and I notice that my thoughts slowly wander off in other directions. Well, this didn't happen with the songs on Immensity. These songs contain a certain groove that kept me focussed and the riffs and melodies emerge, or better evolve, during the songs thus creating a special atmosphere.

The opener Delusion I and the related piece Delusion II are some soundscapes that don't really represent the music these Polish musicians produce on Immensity. But there are still seven full compositions left. On Ganimedes I heard low sounds at the beginning, so it seemed the sound system on my PC could barely handle it, but luckily the CD player reproduced the sound perfectly. The overall sound is just sublime and a strong element in the music of Echoes Of Eon is the combination of the magnificent bass parts with the lighter guitar sound. During the up-tempo piece Kallisto, the staccato guitars provide a nice background for the other musical adventures, and sometimes even a single note will do. While listening to the songs I discovered on the cover that all the song titles have been taken from the moons of the planets Jupiter and Saturn in our solar system.

Io is a more melodic piece of music growing towards an apocalyptic end. The metal riff on Rea has a tremendous sound, but that also applies to the combination of bass and guitar on Ganimedes. Actually you can randomly wander through the album without getting bored and with every new listen I found certain elements that I failed to notice before. When I came to the final composition Japet vocals appeared for the first time and I wondered why the band didn't use them more often, since this singing isn't bad at all and it gives this piece an additional value. It combines the softer part of Tool and Maynard James Keenan (A Perfect Circle), and in the heavier parts Spencer Sotelo (Periphery). After all Japet turned out to be my highlight of the album.

Lately I've been listening a lot to post rock albums that I unfortunately had to qualify as mediocre due to bad vocalists, but Immensity stands out again other albums in the genre. The vocals could have been used a bit more, but I won't complain about that. People who appreciate bands like Karma To Burn and the lighter parts of Long Distance Calling may easily add Echoes Of Eon to their favourites.

***+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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