Echoe - Echoe

(CD 2013, 52:42, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Kornishawn(4:19)
  2- Illusions(6:33)
  3- Stoned Dog(4:45)
  4- Undefined Blood(5:08)
  5- And now....(1:07)
  6- .... The Statue Burns(3:50)
  7- Captive(5:08)
  8- Indiana Jones(4:44)
  9- Feats Divine(7:22)
10- Time(5:26)
11- Restless(4:18)

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Echoe are a new Polish band formed in 2008. The line-up consists of Michal Szablowski (vocal, electric and acoustic guitar), Alex Kowalczuk (electric guitar), Kuba Zauscinski (piano), Tomek Herbut (bass) and Maciek Pawlowski (drums). The music on their eponymous debut album is funky, but sometimes progressive as well. Their style is diverse, from rather mild to dynamic, but unfortunately I find their music too chaotic as I don't hear a clear musical style on this album. In my opinion the best songs are Kornishawn and Illusions, the first two tracks on the album, as they both feature some nice melodies and strong guitar solos. The remainder is too predictable and too mediocre to really capture my attention. Just listen to average songs like Stoned Dog or Time and you'll catch my drift, or not...Echoe's compositions aren't yet balanced enough, they are too chaotic and they sound too much alike. Maybe these five young musicians do have potential, but judge for yourself!

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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