Emerson, Lake & Palmer -
Black Moon

(2CD 2017, 59:22/ 70:27, BMG)

The tracks:
CD 1 The Original 1992 Black Moon Album
  1- Black Moon(6:59)
  2- Paper Blood(4:29)
  3- Affairs Of The Heart(3:42)
  4- Romeo And Juliet(3:42)
  5- Farewell To Arms(5:10)
  6- Changing States(6:04)
  7- Burning Bridges(4:46)
  8- Close To Home(4:29)
  9- Better Days(5:36)
10- Footprints In The Snow(3:52)
Bonus Tracks:
11- Black Moon (single edit)(4:51)
12- Affairs Of The Heart (edit)(2:22)
13- Paper Blood (edit)(1:36)
14- Romeo And Juliet (edit)(1:37)
CD2 Live At The Royal Albert Hall
  1- Karn Evil 9 1st impressions, part 2(1:53)
  2- Tarkus (Eruption, Stones Of tears, Iconoclast)(9:25)
  3- Knife Edge(5:28)
  4- Paper Blood(4:00)
  5- Romeo And Juliet(3:41)
  6- Creole Dance(3:20)
  7- Still.....You Turn Me On(3:14)
  8- Lucky Man(4:39)
  9- Black Moon(6:33)
10- Pirates(13:23)
11- Finale: Fanfare For The Common Man, America, Rondo(14:41)


After a couple of progressive, experimental masterpieces like Tarkus (1971, see review), Pictures At An Exhibition (1971, see review) and Brain Salad Surgery (1973), the super group Emerson, Lake & Palmer split up in 1978. Fourteen years later ELP decided to make a comeback and they released Black Moon, their eighth studio album which was officially released in 1992.

Now, 25 years later you can enjoy the remastered version of Black Moon, an album that cannot be compared with their experimental albums like Tarkus or Pictures, as most of the ten features songs are “just” mainstream rock tracks with lots of vocals. The title track was released as a single, which deals with the first Gulf War and Saddam Hussein, and it is probably the best track of the entire album. Other musical delights are Paper Blood and Farewell To Arms. The late Keith Emerson shines in the classical interpretation of Prokofiev's Romeo And Juliet. Black Moon is at least a much better album than the previous (14 years ago) Love Beach (1978) and on this remastered version of Black Moon you can also enjoy a couple of bonus tracks, while CD2 features the 1992 live show at the Royal Albert Hall, featuring classical ELP songs like Tarkus, Lucky Man, Knife Edge and Fanfare For The Common Man.

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Dave Smith)

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