Dyscordia -
Delete / Rewrite

(CD 2020, 54:09, Road Mark Productions RMP070120)

The tracks:
  1- Delete - Rewrite(5:53)
  2- This House(4:52)
  3- Rage(5:35)
  4- The Curse of Mediocracy(5:29)
  5- Merry Go Round(5:34)
  6- Castle High(5:18)
  7- The Cards Have Turned(4:27)
  8- Stranger To The Dark(6:45)
  9- Silent Tears(7:46)
10- Rise And Try(2:26)

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Dyscordia is one of the most promising Belgian metal bands I know. Their music can be described as pure metal, combined with power and progressive metal, larded with numerous guitar solos. Since I was pretty convinced about their previous/ second release Worlds In Ruin (2016, see review) I was eager to listen to Dyscordia's latest effort Delete / Rewrite. The solid line-up remains with three guitarists; Martijn Debonnet, lead guitarist Guy Commeene and guitarist Stefan Segers. The latter takes the lead vocal parts during the harsh sections, while the great voice of Piet Overstijns covers the clean vocals. The rhythm section consisting of bass player Wouter Nottebaert and Wouter Debonnet closes the ranks of Dyscordia. As on the previous album Jens Borgen was asked to take care of the mix of their music.

Musically Delete / rewrite is a continuation of the previous album; progressive power metal with many layers. Sometimes, due to the vocals of Piet and the overall feel, hints of Avantasia appear, other times, influences of more traditional metal bands come to mind, due to powerful combinations of solid bass and drum parts. During a number of tracks, the harsh parts of Stefan are delicately doubling the clean parts, creating a great atmosphere. But the vocal combination is always in a perfect balance, at times the focus lays on the harsh elements, other times the accessible voice of Piet is highlighted. Like the re-incarnation of Iron Maiden since the nineties, Dyscordia holds three guitarist. For some this could be a bit overdone, others, like myself enjoy the great riffs, twin parts and wonderful soloing of these musicians. In my opinion the strength of Delete / Rewrite are the two combinations; three solid and talented guitarists on one side and the interaction between both vocalists. Their compositions are built around the fact I just mentioned, heavy compositions, with occasionally subtle passages, but always full speed ahead. Driven to deliver a great, solid metal song. The final composition Silent Tears, perhaps is the one that would appeal the most to the average progressive metal aficionado. Silent Tears sees a lot diversity in the music and could be seen as a progressive epic. The bonus track Rise And Try is something completely different and shows how a stripped down Dyscordia sounds during two and a half minutes of acapella vocals. A wonderful, but weird addition to a solid and very interesting album.

Delete / Rewrite doesn't really show new elements, except for the magnificent bonus track, but that's really not a problem. The band holds on to the very strong points I referred to above and delivers another interesting powerful album. If you liked Worlds In Ruins, this one should be an obligated buy.

****+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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